Free download for February: Book chapter on going solo

I first began writing about unconventional relationships in 2012, when I launched the blog It was there that I published the post that triggered the entire Off the Escalator project: Riding the Relationship Escalator or Not? That post received wide attention from all kinds of places, not just the polysphere. I was glad that I was able to bring more visibility to solo polyamory, and to advance conversations around couple privilege (in both mainstream and poly culture).

As a gesture toward this project’s independent nature and solo poly roots, this month I’m offering a special giveaway: a free download of the chapter from my new book, Stepping off the Relationship Escalator: Uncommon Love and Life, that addresses solohood and solo polyamory.

DOWNLOAD NOW:  Ch. 13: Going Solo: Autonomy In and Out of Relationships
This free content will be available online until March 1.

If you like that and want to read more, the free sample chapter for the Kindle edition is pretty meaty – a good taste of what the rest of this 25-chapter book has to offer.

I hope you enjoy reading it. Please tell your friends!


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