The Project

Off the Escalator is more than just one book. When I launched my first survey in 2013, I was instantly overwhelmed with responses — nearly 300 in the first week alone, with just a tiny bit of promotion on online forums!

Over the course of 18 months, I collected nearly 1500 surveys. In sifting through them, I became what one friend called “an accidental social scientist.” Also, I became not just a book author, but a publishing entrepreneur. That’s because I received far, far more stories than one book could possibly do justice to.

Consequently, Off the Escalator intended to be an ongoing engagement publishing project about unconventional relationships. Here’s how this will work

  • Use online surveys to gather people’s stories and perspectives. I’ll process this information with a database. Then…
  • Write books summarizing what I learned from the surveys, as well as through additional interviews and research. These will be primarily ebooks, so I can include live links that connect people with my websites — where they can take surveys, ask or answer questions, or request more information on certain topics. (Print books will be available later.) This will allow me to…
  • Publish more books (and other content, such as webinars, videos or online courses) that reflect what people are asking for.

These steps will be supported with online discussions and social media, so that the conversation about unconventional relationships can expand far beyond the audience of these books.

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