Consensual Nonmonogamy in Denver, Colorado: Local Resources

Are you curious about consensual nonmonogamy? How can you broach this topic with others? Tonight in Denver, I’ll be leading a public conversation: Consensual Non-Monogamy: Sex, Love and Fairness

. As a resource for attendees and others, here’s a list of Denver-area resources on various kinds of consensual nonmonogamy.

First, the details about this event:

  • WHERE: Hooked on Colfax, a cool coffeshop/wine bar with a downstairs meeting space, 3213 E Colfax Ave., Denver CO
  • WHEN: Wed., Aug. 30, 2017, 7-9pm MT
  • PLEASE REGISTER! Seating is limited, only a few seats are left.
  • FOCUS: There are many ways to practice consensual nonmonogamy: polyamory, swinging, being monogam-ish and more. What are the opportunities and pitfalls of each, and which might suit you? How can you negotiate nonmonogamy with partners? What skills and resources can help? We’ll separate stigma and stereotypes from facts.
  • WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone interested in learning more about, or sharing their experience with, consensual nonmonogamy.
  • WHAT TO EXPECT: I will offer a short introductory overview, followed by a free-flowing conversation where your questions will be answered. A variety of non-shaming perspectives are welcome. This is not a dating event. I will have available several books on consensual nonmonogamy that you can check out. You can also see and buy (at a special discount) my book on unconventional relationships, Stepping Off the Relationship Escalator: Uncommon Love and Life.

SPONSOR: This is part of a “conversation” series of events offered by HeyDenver, an excellent Denver nonprofit that offers free STI testing and counseling, as well as other resources and support. I’ve always found HeyDenver to be very aware and accepting of consensual nonmonogamy, queer identities and relationships, and a generally supportive and valuable organization. Staff from HeyDenver will be on hand at this event, and can answer questions about their services and other events.


  • Denver Nontraditional Relationships Meetup: Social gatherings and educational events for people who practice polyamory and other sorts of conventional nonmonogamy. Mostly younger adults, but all are welcome.
  • Boulder Polyamory Meetup: Weekly (every Monday) facilitated discussion on polyamory, followed by social time, 7-9pm at a pub in Louisville. Wide range of ages, orientations, genders and relationship configurations. Occasional additional events such as Poly Happy Hour, see the calendar.
  • Colorado Center for Alternative Lifestyles: Nonprofit organization working to create a 24/7 community space for meetings, lifestyle-aware professionals, educational presentations, and gatherings of all kinds. Offers a Beyond Monogamy educational event every third Saturday, plus other events.
  • Loving More. National nonprofit group supporting relationship choice, based in Loveland. Holds annual polyamory conferences, including one in the Denver area.
  • Denver Metro Poly Group: Offers a wide variety of discussion, social and educational events, mostly in South Denver. Especially friendly for couples age 30+, but all are welcome.
  • Scarlet Ranch: A “lifestyle” resort for swingers. Membership and events can be pricey (especially for single men), but they offer a less-costly Meet & Greet dinner every Wednesday.
  • Membership-based website that facilitates connections and events for swingers around the world. Create a profile as an individual or couple, and search for Denver-area events and parties. Includes educational/social events as well as sexual and sensual gatherings.
  • Denver Sanctuary: Private social club for BDSM practitioners. Offers education and a thorough orientation on safety and consent. Very aware/friendly toward all kinds of consensual nonmonogamy.
  • LGBTQ resources that are aware/friendly toward consensual nonmonogamy: Out Boulder County and Out Front Magazine.
  • MORE RESOURCES about consensual nonmonogamy an unconventional relationships, not specific to the Denver area.

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