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Stepping Off the Relationship Escalator book

Stepping Off the Relationship Escalator: Uncommon Love and Life is a new book about intimate relationships that don’t follow the traditional path. The first book in the Off the Escalator series, it’s based on over 1500 responses to a survey where people shared their experiences with unconventional intimacy.

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An excellent value, this is the equivalent of a 300-page print book.
(The print edition will be published soon, and will be priced around $17.)

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Amy Gahran is a longtime journalist, writer and editor based in Boulder, CO. She wrote the blog under the pen name "Aggie Sez," and she also co-moderates the Solo Polyamory group on Facebook. Her "Off the Escalator" series of books grew from a 2012 post in SoloPoly about the Relationship Escalator.

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